Walk on Hebrides

Welcome to Walk on Hebrides 2019!

NHS Western Isles’ Health Promotion Department invites residents of the islands, aged 13 years and over, to join the Walk on Hebrides step count challenge this spring, where they can track progress along a virtual route of the Outer Hebrides! This follows on from the success of 2018's step count challenge where 300 people across the Outer Hebrides walked the same virtual route from Barra to the Butt of Lewis, enjoying the outdoors, catching-up with friends and family, improving fitness; general health and wellbeing and they had fun!

The spring challenge is free and runs for 6 weeks; starting on Wednesday 1st May 2019. Registration for the challenge opens on Monday 1st April 2019 at 1pm; closing at midnight on 30th April. The first 20 people registered will receive a free Walk on Hebrides resources pack!

You can enter the challenge as an individual or as a teams of 2; logging steps and tracking progress with the Big Team Challenge website and app. The challenge follows a virtual route of the Outer Hebrides; starting on Barra, travelling north and finishing in Ness, Isle of Lewis. Individuals should aim for 9,500 steps per day. The team of 2 option may be most suitable for people who currently undertake no activity, low activity or with low mobility; where they each aim for 4,750 steps per day, combining steps to reach the total.

If you already do other activities, we can help you convert these into ‘steps’ to add to your steps total for the day. This could include swimming, housework, gardening, attending a dance class ... whatever it is, we can make it count.

Walking is a simple way to increase your physical activity. It’s an all round great activity for all ages and fitness levels, which can improve your health, help you lose weight, make you feel good and it’s free!